Kellianne & Josh


Things Josh & I Love

  • God! We love learning more about God everyday! We go to Antioch Church in Bend, Oregon.
  • Our family. We love hanging together and with our two boys.

  • Local Coffee. We love to hang at local coffee houses like Lone Pine and Back Porch.

  • Musical Theater. I love to sing and dance to songs from Annie, Little Shop of Horrors and Rent. Although we mostly sing and dance to anything Disney these days.

  • Art. I love to sketch and really want to learn to paint and play the guitar (although not at the same time, that could be messy).

  • Road bikes. Josh is always looking for people to ride with.

  • Camping. Disneyland. White-Water Rafting. I love to go on local adventures with my hubby and sons. Disneyland and white-water rafting are my happy places.

  • Cooking. We love to spend time in the kitchen whipping up new creations. Feel free to invite yourself over for my amazing vanilla bean creme brulee or Ghirardelli dark chocolate souffle (I have a bit of sweet tooth).

  • Game Nights. We prefer a good game of Settlers or a 500 piece puzzle to a night out.

  • Disaster Movies. I love good B-movie disaster flick, but my heart brakes when I hear about disasters in real life.

  • Our Favorite Movies: Josh's is The Princess Bride & Kelli's is The Day After Tomorrow (I know it’s cheesy but I’m always entertained).

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