What makes us different?

2 photographers guaranteed!

As a husband and wife team, we love to photograph weddings together. This means you get amazing photos from all different angles that one photographer can’t get alone.

Don’t wait to see your images!

We work hard to get you your images right away! We want you to be able to show off your awesome photos while everyone is excited to see them. It’s a bummer to have to wait more than a month to get your images because all your friends will be asking to see them right away.

We make you look awesome!

All of your images include basic retouching to give them an artistic look. Our goal is to make you and your wedding look amazing!

We love to spend time choosing the best images from your wedding and retouching them just for you. This is great because they are already narrowed down to the very best images when you receive them, making it easy for you to choose which to print and put in your album.

We are here to help every step of the way!

We love to take away any decision making stress by helping our brides choose the best images for their home and album. It can be hard to decide which images to print when they all look amazing, especially when it comes to the album. You can have full control over which images go into your album or you can leave it to us. Don’t worry, you always get final say in what gets printed.

Are we the right photographers for you?

Ask yourself:

Do you want fun, beautiful, non-intrusive photography for your wedding day?

Do you want to look natural, instead of stiff in your wedding photos? Do you want to be focused on your fiancé, not on taking posed photos?

We love to create moments for you and your fiancé/spouse to just be with each other and enjoy being just married. Of course we give some instruction to make sure you get great photographs, but we love to capture candid moments of you two together enjoying your wedding day.

Every wedding will include some group shots and posed photos, but our focus is on capturing real smiles, glances and laughter throughout your wedding day.

Do you like our photography style?

Lifestyle photography is a combination of photojournalism, fine art and traditional photography. If you love natural photography filled with genuine smiles and laughter then we are the right photographers for you.

Do you like my personality?

As the main photographer, you will mostly be interacting with me throughout your wedding day, so let’s meet!

I love to get to know my couples. The more I can learn about who you are, what you love and how you will be celebrating, the easier it is for us to capture your day filled with memories that tell your unique love story.

It’s important to hire a wedding photographer who seems more like a friend than hired help. By hiring a photographer that is friendly and fun to be around, you and your fiancé will be more relaxed and will be able to focus on each other on your wedding day. Plus, if you feel relaxed in front of the camera, your images will reflect natural smiles instead of posed fake smiles.

Ready to meet us?